Behavioural Data Science

Decision Analysis, Experimentation, and Modeling

Data Science

At the intersection of data science and behavioral economics, we use ideas from experimental economics, computer science, psychology and statistics to provide insights not only into what users are doing, but why. As academics and researchers, our team not only understands current economic and data science research but actively participates in it.


Our approach is to understand what kind of data can answer your questions and then go out and get it. Using ideas from experimental economics and psychology we can design platforms, interfaces and user experiences to allow data collection in a preemptive, intelligent way.

Decision Modeling

We create models of complex behavior to contextualize data, distill insights, and make predictions. Models help us to understand which considerations are relevant to decision making and how behavior will change in response to changes in the market, product, or platform. Best of all: models can be tested, so we are confident in our assessment and predictions.

Digital Data Collection

Modern problems require modern data collection methods. We use web-scraping, natural language processing and textual analysis, and social media APIs to curate a knowledge base of consumer behavior, market demographics, and industry standards.

Heuristics and Biases

Psychologists have discovered many---now well established---biases that govern decision making. Our analysis takes into account how consumers perceive subjective risk, their inconsistency in making choices over time, their reaction to the framing or formulation of a decision, and more.

Data Analysis

We employ everything from conventional to cutting edge data analysis techniques to draw conclusions from the data: from regression to principal component analysis to machine learning. We pride ourselves on using the right tools for the job, rather than the fanciest.

Data Visualization

Drawing statistical inference from data is great, but communicating these results to non-experts is just as important. We care deeply about visualizing data---producing static and interactive graphs, maps, plots---to help our clients quickly and intuitively extract usable information from our analysis.

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